2023 Conference Theme: Life is a Highway

There will always be the possibility of encountering potholes, traffic jams, detours, bad weather and reckless drivers during your travels. You can’t control what shows up on your highway, but you can control how you navigate through or around it. Join us at IWL 2023 and discover how to bring more purpose into your work, develop yourself into an authentic, conscientious leader and make your life a journey worth remembering.

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Breakout Tracks

Track Topics: Leadership, Mentorship

Leaders learn through direct experience and the advice of others. It is time for you to sit in the Driver’s Seat and take charge of the direction your leadership journey will take. Sessions in this track will help you cultivate essential leadership and mentoring skills.

Track Topics: Change, Transition, Resilience

Wherever you were going and whatever timeline you were on has just been changed. How you respond and what you do next will profoundly affect your future. Sometimes you must stop, evaluate your current situation and navigate a new course to your destination. Change is inevitable, and we often resist it because all we see are roadblocks in the way. However, with the right strategies, many of these roadblocks are maneuverable, allowing you to recover, reimagine and move forward.

Conference Planners

About the Annual Conference

The inspiration and planning for the Inspiring Women Leaders Conference started in 2016, and the first annual conference landed on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018. Moving into the second year, we partnered with Warrington College of Business and the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer to continue the focus on exceptional professional and leadership development.

The purpose of the conference is to offer exceptional ideas, tools, networking and learning opportunities to transform individuals from a good leader into a great leader. This dynamic event provides a platform where women can learn, share and connect with business and industry leaders. Every year the conference offers session tracks that create a rich environment full of professional and personal growth opportunities. Participants are challenged and inspired to sharpen their skills, interact with others and leave this event energized and eager to share and apply their new learnings.

The larger goal of this annual conference is to keep the dialog open to inform and transform the way men and women think about, and respond to, women in leadership. It also provides women and men an opportunity to come together to discuss critical issues of the day, so we can provide hope to future generations of women entering the workforce, enabling them to conquer fears and obstacles so they can fulfill their dreams.

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Conference Planning Committee

Laurie Brown

Program & Speaker Chair

Kevin Jackson, CGMP

Conference Logistics Chair

Naz Erenguc

Warrington Partner Representative

Andy Campbell

OPWD Partner Representative

Kylie Register

Marketing Chair

Courtney Glancy

Sponsorship Chair

Grace Walker

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Lauren Troffer

Committee Member

Lauren McCain

Committee Member

Lu Yin

Committee Member

A Message from the Conference Host


The Office of Professional and Workforce Development is committed to providing opportunities of advancement for men and woman of any age, status or occupation. We continue to support the Inspiring Women Leaders conference because we believe making connections with peers, mentors and individuals of influence is one of the best pathways for growth.